Get to Know Us: Sassy Custom Creations

At Sassy Custom Creations, we're more than just a business – we're a passionate team of individuals committed to bringing style, sass, and a touch of comfort into your life. Established in 2016 and located in the heart of Langdon, AB, we've embarked on a journey that has seen us evolve from creating custom themed birthday shirts for our own kids to becoming a go-to destination for personalized items that suit any occasion.

**A Humble Beginning**

Our story began when, while on maternity leave in 2016, we noticed a gap in the market for customized items that could add a personal touch to any event or celebration. With a creative spark and a desire to fill that void, we took the plunge. In October of the same year, we delved into crafting custom drinkware, which later expanded to include custom shirts for all ages and décor items.

**A Dash of Sass and a Whole Lot of Comfort**

We're proud to say that Sassy Custom Creations isn't just about creating customized products; it's about infusing a bit of sass into every design. If you know us, you'll quickly learn that swearing is part of every conversation (AF is a unit of measure, after all), a bit of sass is our trademark, and comfort is non-negotiable.

**Quality Meets Fashion**

When it comes to our apparel, quality is paramount. We prioritize using premium brand tees made from high-quality fabrics that offer both a flattering fit and lasting comfort. We understand that fast-fashion brands often compromise on fabric quality and style. However, we're committed to providing garments that not only feel fantastic to wear but also stand the test of time. Our apparel ranges from Newborn to XXXL to ensure that everyone can enjoy our creations.

**More Than Just Clothing**

Our dedication to quality extends to our drinkware as well. We offer a selection of high-quality tumblers, can Koozies, and more, ensuring that your sips are as stylish as your wardrobe.

**A Homegrown Commitment**

As a small, family-founded business, we handle all design and printing in our home studio right here in Langdon, AB. We take pride in our Canadian roots and our female-founded status. As we grow, we're always on the lookout for ways to better embody our values, which are rooted in quality, comfort, and uniqueness.

**Join the Sassy Custom Creations Family**

At Sassy Custom Creations, we invite you to explore our creations, each one carefully designed to add a touch of style and personality to your life. From customized apparel to personalized drinkware, we're here to make your moments more special. Join us in celebrating quality, comfort, and a dash of sass in everything we do. Proudly Canadian and female-founded, we can't wait to be a part of your journey.